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Botox Wrinkle Reduction

Botox is the latest advancement in botulinum toxin therapy. By relaxing underlying muscles, Botox reduces wrinkles and improves the appearance of frown lines, forehead creases, and "crow's feat." It is a safe approved by the FDA, simple, and effective therapy that leaves your skin smooth and youthful.

Everytime a person smiles, laughs, or frowns, the delicate underlying facial muscles contract and form wrinkles. Facial wrinkles can give a person a tired or sad appearance-even when they are not experiencing that emotion. Botox blocks impulses from the nerves allowing the muscle to relax. The overlying skin retains a smooth and unwrinkled appearance.

Not only is Botox is a simple and safe procedure, but the procedure is done in a few minutes and you may immediately resume your normal activities. Botox can give you a more youthful and pleasant appearance.

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